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Really good game! Great soundtrack and physics. Pitty that there is not more levels and multiplayer :/ Maybe in the future.

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If we had more time and resources we would ^^ But who knows :p

Thanks for the kind words anyway !


You're welcome :)


really fun ! I like the idea of the game!

Thank you so much for your kind words and your review! (Even if I didn't understand it ^^)


Nice minecart. Mined if I break it?


Thank you for the review ! I'm glad you enjoyed it :p I hope you'll play our next versions when everything (hopefully...) will be fixed ;)



Thank you so much ! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


Loved the game and its really hard- but i am wondering do you plan on expanding the game?

Hey! Thanks a lot for playing our game, taking the time to make a video and post a comment!

Sorry about the game difficulty, it's a bug that we'll fix in the next days!

The whole team is really proud of the game and we think that it has some potential so, yeah, I think we'll continue to work on it in our spare time. I must say that all the kind words we're getting are boosting us and we may end up expanding it :o 

Thank you really much for that review !!!

As my teammate said, we are already working on improving the game and will submit new versions after the jam is over :)


A lot faster and more hectic than I thought it'd be, but damn is it fun!


Thank you so much for taking the time to review our little game!!!

Obviously as you imagine, 48h is too short to make everything we wanted to add ^^ That's why the gold system is a little broken right now :p

But we intend to polish it, add some new mechanics and upload new versions after the jam is over. Hopefully you'll be able to review it and enjoy it even more !!!


Yes, as Maxi said: thanks a lot for your feedback and your video. And sorry for the game being harder than intended, we are fixing that XD

Seems really fun but it's way too laggy for me

Did you launch it fullscreen ? If so did you tried windowed ? I asked this because one of our crew as some kind of problem as well ^^

Yeah, I don't know why, Unity force the game to use the biggest resolution your screen can support. For me, on my surface book, it plays the game in a whooping 3000*2000 resolution, making it a bit laggy as you could imagine :D

I hope we'll find a way to fix this :o