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Escape the Supernova growing at the Galaxy's centre as fast as possible! 


Hold the SPACE BAR and release it when the gauge (at the upper-left of your screen) is in the green section. That'll create an 1mpulse jump and move your ship in the direction it's facing.


Press M to toggle on/off the music.

Known issues: 

  • The recharge will sometimes fails around orbit
  • Feedback when you are in orbit needs to be more consistent
  • Killer asteroids goes way too fast !
  • ...
  • The Global Warming


Art: AmphytrionSirhaian

Design & Prod: Herve Gengler

Programming: Maxime PiquotkirubGenglerCorentin

Sound: Oyzuu


1mpulse 1.2 43 MB

Development log


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It looks amazing. How did you guys make it look so great?

Thanks! We just had great artists with us ;)


1mpulse is short, simple, and is a rainbow in your eyes. It's also deceptively challenging with its one button control, which I can respect.

Good job, devs.

Wouah thanks so much for this awesome review :o

And thank you for making the game. Hopefully I managed to show it off well enough despite...y'know...crashing into things constantly, heh.

Well that's something we need to fix to make it clearer and easier for the player to move around ^^

Thanks @Skydjinn, it was really fun to watch your video :) 

There were some arrows on the screen, which likely indicate the direction I need to go in. However, it is impossible to steer the ship.  There are also lots of pretty effects, but the gameplay is lacking. Some ways to improve this, would be to give to player more control and to give feedback on whether or not they are going in the right direction.

The lack of control and steering is intended. By having that removed you need to think when to start an impulse. If you could control it that wouldn't be as interesting and difficult.

But I agree that in the state the game currently is, it is not as fun as it should be. But 48h is not a lot of time and unfortunately we didn't have time to tweak it as much as we wanted...

Thanks for your feedback anyway ;)

The game has a fun and interesting gimmick but it kinda lacks variety and doesn't have a whole lot of depth to it.

The game feel, on the other hand, is really out of this world. Everything about the use of color, sound and screen shake make it incredibly fun to pilot the ship, even though it has a pretty limited control scheme

Thank you for your feedback and for giving us things to think about!

I think in the state the game is, without all the necessary tweaking, might feel a little boring. But I don't think it's potential as it's doesn't have depth. You have to manage your batteries, you need to aim carefully where you impulse your ship, you need to take time to recharge but you also have the supernova to take care of...

But I agree that you currently don't really feel that since there are some bugs and our level design isn't great right now ><

I love the concept, design, music.

Shortcomings: Once you run out of batteries, there's LITERALLY nothing you can do. You just restart or wait to get blown up. Not very fun.

Asteroids seem completely random. Sometimes I just get taken out by one and I had no way of knowing if it was coming or not. It would be great to have a radar or something so you could have some idea of where you were going. As it is, getting taken out is just bad RNG, and that's not fun either.

Finally, if you happen to jump in a direction with no gravity wells, you're done, game over. Like with running out of batteries, there's literally nothing you can do. Players should be able to have a back-up option, even if it isn't as good as moving the normal way.

Thanks for making this.

Thanks for your feedback!

Those are all known problems that we couldn't avoid in only 48h. Hopefully after the jam votes are over we will be able to fix all of that and give an even better experience ;)

A cool game concept, but I find its lacking objective wise. While spinning around is fun, without something to try to achieve, it feels like its lacking. I would have loved to see some objectives of some sort to fly to or some end goal. Art wise, the game is incredible, the style is a selling point. Final verdict, a really cool concept and art, and would love to see it expanded upon. 

Thank you for your feedback!

The goal is only to go as far as possible. We didn't want something else. Although I agree right now with the values as they are it is not really challenging or interesting. But that's what we could achieve in 48h ^^ We will tweak stuff to make it more interesting ;)

I guess I won. The supernova stopped at 937.386 or something like that. The background stopped moving, I kept spinning forever. Haha. The tutorial could have been more user-friendly (I didn't even see the "NEXT" button in the bottom-right, and the planet color obscured some of the text), but otherwise this was a fun proof-of-concept.

Yeah, some bugs are still there unfortunately ^^ And the tutorials have been added at the last minute (litteraly XD) so we need to make things clearer when we have some time :)

Thanks for the feedback !

This game is trippy as balls. I love it

Thanks for the nice comment :) Happy to hear you love it ^^


hey guys! could you make a 32-bit version of this? the game looks very fun!

Didn't think of that... We got carried away ><

Unfortunately we can't upload anything now but we will do after the voting ends ;)


I loved the graphics and the "juicyness" of the game, but the resolution were really off in my screen. Maybe if I could set the res before starting the game (like a Launcher) it woulda improved my experience, but either way, great entry! Congrats, everyone.

The UI is off depending on your resolution yeah >< Happy you liked it though ;)


Really good looking game! But i was kind of lost at the beggining. I thought that I needed just to follow the arrow.

But it is awesome good job!


Still need to add some info XD

Thanks for the feedback ;)


Thanks @dastickman,

We're working on the tutorial right now, because yes, it's stil la bit confusing :D 


This arrow showing up at start is fixed in the next  build :)
Thanks for the feedback!

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1st! ^^